Music’s beauty lies in its ability to transcend limits and classifications, making it a universal language that can be enjoyed by all who approach it with an open mind. MUSIC IS seeks to make a positive impact on the music industry by revitalizing interest in boundary-defying music, presenting fresh perspectives and captivating formats to new and diverse audiences.

MUSIC IS is a collection of video conversations featuring artists who share their personal experiences and insights on the path of music. As a lifelong music lover, I have always been fascinated by the power of music and its ability to inspire, connect and enlighten. The project’s title was inspired by a moment I had with Pat Metheny during an interview some years ago. I asked him what music meant to him, and his profound response, which touched on improvisation, the universe, math, energies, truth, and Bach, deeply moved me. Since then, I have made it a ritual to ask this question – “What is Music to you?” – to all the artists I interview. The question is open to multiple answers, a way to focus on the possibilities of discovering, sharing, and exchanging energy. Thank you Pat Metheny for inspiring me and pushing me to explore new creative horizons.

Recently, I decided to take these conversations to a new level by filming them and creating a series called MUSIC IS. Each conversation begins with the same the question, “What is Music to you?”. In these episodes, artists share their thoughts on what music means to them and how it connects to beauty, inspiration, humanity, love and life. The conversations are improvised, aiming to capture authentic reactions and document shared moments in between tours, meetings, travels, or whatever brings us together.

While editing the interviews, I realized that Music IS is also the title of a fantastic record by one of my greatest inspirations, Bill Frisell, whose music has accompanied me since childhood. His music is an uplifting experience for me every day, and he remains a significant source of inspiration.

MUSIC IS is a space where we can explore new ideas, connect with others, and nourish our souls through the power of music, which, to me, is the entanglement that nourishes our hearts. This has been my experience so far.

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E01: Nik Bärtsch

E02: Don Was

E03: Enrico Pieranunzi

E04: Matmos

E05: Jorge Rossy

E06: Thollem McDonas

E07: Marco Centasso

E08: Nduduzo Makhathini

E09: Quin Kirchner

E10: David Rothenberg

E11: Markus Reuter

E12: Alessandro Sgobbio

E13: Robert Landfermann

E14: Camila Nebbia

E15: Bernhard Wöstheinrich