Enrico Pieranunzi “My songbook” 2016

My songbook, 2016

Enrico Pieranunzi: Piano
Simona Severini: Vocals
Luca Bulgarelli: Doublebass
Nicola Angelucci: Drums

Special guests:
Rosario Giuliani: Sax
Francesco Lento: Trumpet

Production: Jando Music / Via Veneto Jazz

Ezio Bosso “Following a bird” (The 12th room) 2015

Form is emptiness. Emptiness is form.

The project was born from the idea of investigating the female sphere through some of its aspects: its sensuality, the inner part, the mystery, the complexity and its presence in the world; trying to bring out these elements through the revealed body – nude – and a transposition in the form of a diary written on the body. To communicate this intimate world outside, I chose to submerge the woman in a dreamlike atmosphere, at the boundary between dream and reality, where the image is placed in a beam light as if it merges with it, going from defined curves, sometimes geometric profiles in movement, in total abandonment, diluted in the scene, symbolizing the duality of the elements. And where the image itself creates a bond between the movement and the ink, the symbol of the inner voice. To express this concept, the ideograms chosen are :

门 光 ( the ) Door ( the ) Light ; these are understood as a passage way toward the light;

风 清 Pure wind ; metaphorically, it refers to the woman as a presence in the world;

色 即 是 空 空 是 即 色  Form is emptiness. Emptiness is the form (from the Heart Sutra ) ; being empty, it means ‘ to be full ‘ than anything else and empty of a separate self.

Photography: Soukizy

Music: “Kumquat” Eugenio Vatta
Sax: Fabrizio Mandolini
Model: Cinzia Annunziata
MUA: Elisa Carotenuto
Calligraphy Artist: Daniela Myoei Di Perna

© –  All Rights Reserved

First show: Kokeshi Rebel Fest, Rome, IT  2014, May 25



Music: Soukizy